Cullen Pope

Editor in Melbourne, Australia

Cullen Pope

Editor in Melbourne, Australia

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I am editor EATT Magazine and the host of the EATT Magazine podcast and Silicon Beach Radio.

The podcast includes behind the scenes interviews with people who also feature in EATT magazine as well as people in the startup, entrepreneurial and artistic communities.

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Featuring thought leaders across the world increasingly now from the crowdfunding and fundraising arena including passionate people committed to creating a more resilient, artistic and enterprising world. EATT Magazine and Radio Website

My interests include landscape photography, permaculture design, and sustainable development of the crowdfunding and startup eco system.

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My vision is to create a leading support network for artists and entrepreneurs in the environmental, arts, technology and travel sectors.

To share the generous contributions that ordinary people leading extraordinary lives make - in cities, on the land and behind the lens.

How do we achieve this ?

By supporting organizations in the start-up and entrepreneurial arena
Creating a framework for artists on alternative pathways to promote their works.
Building strong relationships with value driven organizations and philanthropic people and projects
Construct a skill base of mentors to support and grow our network of readers, contributors, artists and entrepreneurs.

What are our Values ?

We believe we are a part of the environment and that education, community empowerment and passionate people

are key to creating a more diverse, resilient, artistic and enterprising world.

What are our Goals ?

To empower artists and entrepreneurs with resources for achieving their goals
Bring together a global community of like-minded people with shared values.
Reach out and educate people using the magazine, our website, podcasts and community networks.
To create a space where travellers, startups, designers, researchers, artists and thinkers of all kinds can connect, learn, and imagine what the future can look like - and the steps they can take to make this a reality.

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